Product Photography

In our world today, any business that wants to be a leader in its industry, particularly when its goal is to promote sales, must ensure professional product photography in perfect quality – showcasing the products in such form that would make the site or digital/print catalogue stand out in front of the major competition online and offline.

At our studio, every product gets full attention during the shoot.

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Studio Clients

A picture is worth a thousand words

Still deciding? Test us! Send one product to our studio for a trial shoot.

Don’t like the result? You will be reimbursed, and we can go our separate ways.

Quite a few disappointed clients come to our studio for reshoots after they were dissatisfied by the results of the previous
photographer they had. To be honest, it hurts their pocket the most, and rightfully so.

This is why it is our top priority that clients would have a peaceful mind.

We maintain the highest standard and provide kind and dedicated service to each client! Whether you are ordering a small,
one item job or a largescale photoshoot.

We don’t have a “production line” of rapid photoshoots with minimum editing and on-the-fly Photoshopping.

At our studio, each work gets maximum dedication to obtain a perfect result.

How Many Photos per Item?

The first question I’m often asked is how many photos does one need per item.
Let’s sort this out: there is no clear answer to this question. The number depends on the item’s structure and form,
complexity and the client’s budget.
In my experience, in most cases four photos per item is the maximum number.
I will specify the photos by shooting priority.

Most of my clients choose two photos per product and one atmosphere shoot for each product category. Atmosphere shots create an important first impression on the landing page in order to keep the visitor in the site and direct them to the next page.

Work process

Starting with an e-mail or telephone

Starting with an e-mail or telephone conversation, I will gather details to understand the products, the required nature of photography and work volume, and we will coordinate a meeting.

I will get an impression
of the products

In the meeting itself, I will get an impression of the products, organize your needs and settle on a marketing strategy for a number of website photos, photography type, etc.

Start working

We will start working and, once we are done, we will provide you with open Photoshop files for print and files with internet resolution that are customized to your website.

Photography Terms that Would Make it Easier

"תכשיטים הם כמו התבלין המושלם -
הם תמיד מחמיאים למה שכבר קיים"
דיאן פון פירסטנברג

"תכשיטים הם כמו התבלין המושלם -
הם תמיד מחמיאים למה שכבר קיים"
דיאן פון פירסטנברג