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Shooting Products for Amazon Sales

Our studio specializes in unique, high-quality and visually impressive photography that will set your product apart from the category competition.

We will ensure best-in-class product photography along with a customized and precise list design.
Our goal is to provide you with a list that stands out and brands your products on Amazon to encourage and promote sales.

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Studio Clients

Who’s in My Pond?
Competition Research and Concept Building

We start with a meeting to gather as much information as possible about the product and its uses, benefits, uniqueness, strengths/weaknesses, and of the competition on Amazon.
We will then build a concept together for the product shooting and list design.

And we’re off to the races!

Main Photo

Shooting a product on white – the most important photo.
The more it is clicked on, the higher the sales.

The product will be shot at our studio by Hen Berkovitz, a leading product photographer who has extensive experience working with hundreds of Amazon dealers and an eBay Israel photographer for 5+ years.
The photos will then be cleaned, retouched and edited using Photoshop to generate an impressive, high-quality product photography.

Atmosphere photos – how is it done?


Choose a presenter that fits the concept – but don’t worry! You don’t have to get a professional model.


“People don’t buy a drill – they buy the hole in the wall”. Using accurate good atmosphere photos, we would be able to demonstrate to customers how to use the product and the benefits of buying it.


Different perspectives – using good and credible atmosphere photos, we would be able to demonstrate to customers the exact product size.

The customer wants to feel safe when buying the product on Amazon;
only credible atmosphere photos will allow such safety.
Tell them the story they want to hear!

There are many impressive lists that we cannot show you because of
confidentiality – so you can be rest assured about confidentiality as well.

Planting the Product in Stock Photos

We generate ad photos in your list by planting the product in impressive stock photos that suit your branding.
Stock photo planting saves time and provides the option of creating a different situation and concept for each photo.

Atmosphere Photography

This is your opportunity to shine

Amazon allows you to create a story by combining impressive and credible atmosphere photos in your list. In our experience, most Amazon traders do not give authentic atmosphere photos the time of day.

Amazon product photography
Unbeatable lists! How is it done?


Professionalism is in the details, and we know how to create photos that would catch the customer’s eye. We have technical finesse, critical eyes, patience and meticulous attention to small details. Your photos will undergo a first-rate retouching process to ensure that your list is the belle of the ball.


Information doesn’t have to be boring. The infographics we design will provide customers with product information in the most accurate and impressive form possible. We use a variety of design tools, including close-ups, measurements and emphases.

Amazon’s Rules

Our studio is constantly up-to-date on all of Amazon’s rules, from main photos to list photos. We create the most successful photos that comply with Amazon’s restrictions.