Jewelry Photography

Jewelry photography is quite a challenge, as the jewel’s
surroundings reflect on it during shooting.

A professional jewelry photographer must create flattering reflections
on the metal and gems embedded in the jewel to obtain a vivid and shiny shot.
This is done using reflectors and proper & accurate lighting.

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Studio Clients

There is no perfect jewel; there is supplemental editing – Photoshop stage

Jewelry photography is done using macro lenses, therefore every tiny scratch on the metal or gem can be seen clearly in the shot.
Therefore, retouching the jewel using Photoshop is a necessary step to obtain a clean and perfect shot of the jewel.

With Photoshop, you can turn a yellow gold Jewel into a pink gold or white gold jewel.
You can give a white gold or silver jewel the appearance of a different metal, e.g., yellow goal, and sharpen its finish.
But this is a more complex process that requires repainting the metal using Photoshop.

Focus Tracking

The field depth when shooting with a macro lens is very small. This means that if focus is placed on the front part of the ring during shooting, the back part of the ring will be out of focus completely, appearing blurred.
Therefore, at our studio we shoot numerous photos all around the jewel, i.e., 10-20 photos of the Jewel with varying focuses all around it, depending on its size. We then combine all the photos together using designated software to obtain one photo with perfect sharpness throughout the surface of the jewel.

Jewel Photography for Digital/Print Catalogue

Jewelry photography on white background to showcase the jewel and its uniqueness in a sterile, clear manner.

Atmospheric Jewelry Photos – Ads that get it Done

Jewelry photography on various backgrounds with impressive textures and supplemental and suitable accessories to generate a spectacular photo that would draw attention, invoke emotions in the end client, and promote your branding.

Jewelry Photography on a Model

Jewelry photography on a model at the studio or an outdoors location to generate perfect branding photos. The jewelry will be presented perfectly on a model that fits your style and the marketing message.

Jewel photography on a model results in a photo that can truly illustrate the item for the buyer and allow them to understand it, how it is placed and how it appears on the body, even before they place an order.

360 Videos

Shooting jewels in 360 degrees grants the visitor a unique viewing experience and allows them to get an impression of the jewel and its qualities, all in your site. This will significantly raise the visitor’s time spent on your site, which increases sales percentages accordingly and contributes to conversions

How Many photos do I need for a Jewel?

The first question I am often asked is how many photos does one need for a jewel.
Let’s get things straight: there is no clear answer to this question.
The number depends on the jewel’s structure and form, complexity, and the client’s budget.

In my experience, four photos per jewel is the maximum number. I will specify the photos by shooting priority.
Jewel photography – on white background, angled, giving volume and depth that assist in understanding its shape.
Atmosphere photography – shooting the jewel based on preselected concepts. Different backgrounds, accessories, model, etc.
Shooting the jewel on white front background or in an angle that is reversed to the first photo.
Close up shot that can be used to illustrate the jewel’s finish and stone quality. 

Most of my clients choose one photo per jewel on white background and one atmosphere photo per jewel category. The white background photo is meant for the product page and print catalogue. The atmosphere photo generates an important first impression on the landing page in order to keep the visitor in the site and direct them to the next page. In case the project is not budget-dependent, four photos per jewel will best serve your business.

Work process

Starting with an e-mail or telephone

Starting with an e-mail or telephone conversation, I will gather details to understand the products, the required nature of photography and work volume, and we will coordinate a meeting.

I will get an impression
of the products

In the meeting itself, I will get an impression of the products, organize your needs and settle on a marketing strategy for a number of website photos, photography type, etc.

Start working

We will start working and, once we are done, we will provide you with open Photoshop files for print and files with internet resolution that are customized to your website.

Photography Terms that Would Make it Easier