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°360 Online Sales Promotion

A significant improvement of user experience
to promote a sales increase

When your products are on a °360 display, you can generate an impressive interactive experience for your website visitors.
The client controls the product object and can get an impression of every angle, fully and authentically. As a result, the website browsing time of potential clients rises significantly, directly and respectively affecting the sales increase. 

°360 = more time browsing your website = increased sales potential

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Our Clients

What is °360 photography?

A °360 display is based on a photography technique in which stills of a product are shot with accurate margins,
numerous times, as the camera rotates.
Afterwards, the frames are edited using designated software as an interactive display or a video file.
A higher number of frames means smoother product rotation.
The market standard is 18-32 frames/rotation.
At our studio, the number of frames/rotation is 40 or 60, with studio flashes.

Meaning – the end result of the displayed rotating product will be much smoother and of higher quality.

The advantage of a °360 display with studio flashes is creating perfect visuals using professional stills photography. 

However, studio flashes limit the number of frames/rotation due to the loading time between flashes.

What °360 displays are there?

There are two types of °360 displays. We can provide whatever type is suitable for you:

Interactive display
An interactive display is the most common way of displaying °360. It is an impressive display that gives your client the option to “play” with the product display on your website, rotate left and right, zoom, add text, etc. It directly affects browsing time and in fact leads the user (potential client) to stay on your website.
The display is code-based, which is why the file cannot be implemented on Facebook or Instagram, but rather in your website store only. 

The second display option is a video of a rotating display. Using this option, you can also upload the video to various social media and your website. The only disadvantage is that the video is not interactive and results in a heavy-sized file.

Wondering what lighting and °360 editing
are suitable for you?

Call our studio and we will happily guide you. We will consult and decide the best solution for you according to the nature of the product, purpose of display and desired result for your website.