Promotional photography for businesses and individuals

What is a portrait?
A portrait is a representative picture of a person.
A portrait normally displays the upper body, as focus is placed on the face. The aim is to present the general appearance of the person and to simultaneously emphasize, using the picture, a main trait that characterizes their personality.

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Studio Clients

The key to a winning promotional photo

1. Choosing the right message

A good portrait conveys a precise, accurate and correct message
Promotional photography is meant to present the person behind the business/organization to the potential client.
Therefore, it is important that the portrait conveys the right message.
The message changes according to the goal and industry, and is impacted by every detail in the picture, from the expression of the subject, their clothing, the portrait background and the lighting style.

2. Comfortable atmosphere

To succeed in creating a comfortable and smooth atmosphere on set to make the subject feel convenient and cooperative so the best photo can be created, the photographer must have excellent interpersonal skills.
Full and pleasant cooperation between the photographer and subject will lead to a successful, professional and precise portrait.

3. Professional retouching

In promotional photography, enormous importance is given to the image processing.
When the photo is good but the facial retouching is exaggerated or, alternatively, lacking, it can impact image quality and credibility, derogate from the desired message and the self-branding that we wish to convey.

Our studio has extensive experience in promotional photography

Practice makes perfect – with time, we have shot countless successful portraits.
The secret lies in our work professionalism and our personal care.
Professionalism is measured in every parameter – from preparing the subject in advance and managing expectations ahead of the shoot, to customizing the shoot to the desired message and creating a fun and cooperative atmosphere during the shoot itself.
Successful results and satisfied clients are what we deem success.

Types of promotional photography

Corporate photography at the studio

A photoshoot at a professional studio on a single background – usually white. This suits professionals who are interested in having a clean portrait that focuses on the subject’s face. In this type of promotional photography, clothes should be emphasized greatly as they are the only object in the picture that reflects on the subject. Usually a tailored suit and tie is the best get-up for a professional portrait, as we want to convey success and prestige.

Corporate photography at the business or a chosen location

Corporate photography at the business or a chosen location
A photoshoot at the subject’s workplace. This suit professionals for whom the location helps branding and assists in conveying the message. Therefore, if you have an impressive office or other location that you deem important to showcase in the pictures, this is the portrait type for you.
For example: a cosmetician should be photographed at her stylish and furnished clinic. The design, order and professional devices at the clinic will reflect on her as a professional and will illustrate her work for the viewer.
When choosing this type of portrait, it must be ensured that the location generates a positive impression. A portrait in a distasteful and unimpressive clinic will damage and adversely affect the subject. In these circumstances, it is best to go with promotional photography at the studio with neutral background.

Preparations for Shoot


A business suit is usually most fitting for corporate photography, but you can try out several styles on set. It is important to ensure that the clothes fit the body.


The color of clothes should be gentle and not too obvious. Black and white or pastel colors are the most suitable for portraits.


Men: it is important to shave in the morning of the shoot. 5 o’clock shadow is not aesthetic and makes it difficult to retouch the face. Even worse, it conveys a disorganized person.
Women: as far as make up is concerned, there is no need to bring a professional make up artist. However, it is important to use natural make up. The goal of the portrait is to emphasize the subject’s expression and eyes with as few “background noises” as possible. Heavy make up in a portrait would draw attention and miss the goal. For such reason, it is important to keep the nails tidy and painted with clear pastel or natural shade.